'Untitled Folder' BFA Exhibition
to May 25

'Untitled Folder' BFA Exhibition

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In a period of disgust with the direction that American culture had taken- worship of the almighty dollar and consumerism, drafting the Vietnam War, fear of the unknown, feminists' rights and freedom of the nipple, a receding flaw in the family structure- American's basic needs that drive the human spirit were suppressed. By the mid 1960s, a communal fever gripped the open minds and alienated youths and adults in search of themselves, their spirituality and connection with others again. Community, human engagement, dependence and the universal concern for the environment rose through the new culture. Those devoted to social change or simply a peaceful life, back-to-the-land, countercultural, spiritual, secular, and/or intentional communities came from all over the country in search for a new life. Psychedelics, free love and oneness with human spirituality marked a revolution and the new wisdom of Home Free Home.

Today, certain communes that lasted from the wave of the 60s have survived and are fully functioning systems agriculturally dependent, countercultural, and even integrated small businesses.

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