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Kieran Bammann is known for her photographs of the left behind traditional American landscape and documenting an outsider's perspective of existing communities from the 1960s radical social movement of the migration of hippie communes. Born on Long Island, her nomadic endeavors and working with primary methods of photography encourage a sense of raw and simple visual psychology within her photographs, akin to defining our essence as humans, while involving our efforts to create memories where none may exist.

She has received her BFA in Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology, minoring in Art History and Film and Media studies. Her work has been exhibited in a solo-show at the Bushwick Community Darkroom in 2018, and a group show at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2018 and 2016, and selected work from her series, Monica, to display inside the lobby of the Innside NY Hotel in Manhattan. Her work has also been published in the Long Island Press in June of 2018.



(516) - 732 - 2322

Instagram @Kieran.Bammann


Solo Exhibitions:

May 2018 - Bushwick Community Darkroom, Brooklyn, NY, "Familiar Places"


Group Exhibitions:

May 2018 - Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan, NY, "Untitled Folder" displaying HOME FREE HOME

Dec. 2017 - Innside NY Hotel, Manhattan, NY, displaying 'Monica' photograph

2016 - Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan, NY, "Infinite Scroll"

2013 - The Longhouse Museum, East Hampton, NY



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