In the cherry blossom's shade
there's no such thing
as a stranger.

-Kobayashi Issa

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When I was born, Quarry Hill was a small artists’ & writers’ retreat created by my parents. They had no plan to form an “intentional community.” That was not related directly to their thoughts and ideas.

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There have been a lot of hassles about this over the years, as people have tried to drag the Fiske family down from their position of ownership; but the truth is that my parents never planned that there would be anything here that was like a “intentional community” owned and run by everyone.


However, they did want artistic and creative people to come, and they were delighted to experience the floods of people who came in the 60s and after. Irving once said in a meeting in Rochester that “land owners must share use of their land; otherwise, people will rise up and take it away from them."


"I don’t know what this is, imaginary thought or dream, possibly, or the truth." -Isabella Fiske

"Ladybelle" Isabella Fiske & Brion McFarlin

"Anything for the Newcomer." - Irving


Much like the people were found or collected, so were the minimal amount of objects that made up the community households. Wood scraps made up building walls, bunkbeds were separated and made into floors for upstairs bedrooms, and indoor plumbing didn't exist until the 90s for many. Winters were cold and hungry in the Northern states and often dumpster diving local eateries for scraps to bring back when income was scarce or extinct.




All photographs by Kieran Bammann

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